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They boast that they will pay you to take surveys, but in fact you will waste your time. I was a member for almost 2 yrs.

In all that time, not once had I qualified for any survey. It really wastes your time because when they send an invite to take a survey, midway thru survey you get a msg saying you do not qualify. They ask a very lot of personal questions about your life, finances, cars, what you own, etc. claiming it will help them get you surveys.....but in reality it helps them to know which 3rd party offers they can target you with.

When you sign up, the key term is " clicking here you agree to be contacted by our affiliates and 3rd parties...". In the two years, all I made was the 1 dollar sign up bonus. I researched this company and it is owned by "Research Now" which is a massive affiliate marketing program with many covers that would mislead you as to their ulterior motives ( getting all your info so as to find every thing they can target you with as far as offers/ads). If you google "valued Opinions-scam" what you will come up with is all positive reviews which in itself is rather odd that no negative reviews exist.

The reviews that you find are all written about the same,all pitching and calling on you to join them.You can tell that reviews are written by marketeers. They boast a good BBB record, but anyone who buys a BBB account has the option to buy top ratings.

However the world trade center had informed me that they have several thousands of complaints on file about this scamming company and quite frankly I do not know why they have not been prohibited from practicing their scam.

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